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What is Wnees?


Wnees is a platform that aims to
unite creators of joy, providers of
leisure, and hospitality services in
Saudi Arabia, with the future goal
of expanding its coverage to the
entire GCC region.

  • Stations
  • Staffs
  • Photography Services
    Photography Services
  • Entertainment Services
    Entertainment Services
  • Event’s Equipments
    Event’s Equipments
  • Catering Services
    Catering Services

There is more than one path to enjoy
yourself, But all roads lead to Wnees.

Wnees Features

Wnees aims to create a thriving market business that connects catering
and entertainment providers with events and celebrations, allowing them
to simply and safely acquire the necessary services.

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Wnees brings together
service providers and
customers in one place
with different prices to
suit the customers needs

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Secure Payments

Secured payments
with multiple
payment methods

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Wnees makes you avoid the
surprises and disasters of
occasions with a variety of
services for all types of
events and parties

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Wnees provides you with
excellent after-sales
service and is available to
communicate at any time

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Wnees will compensate
you for any errors or
problems with the

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Wnees selects its partners
very carefully, In order to
guarantee you the best
service for your events

Download the
app and start
booking for your
upcoming event!


Join Us As A Service Provide

In Wnees we wish to bring together the best of hospitality and catering in order to give
our clients high-quality service, unrestricted and endless joy

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One Community

Wnees is an integrated platform
that links you to your customers.
Safely and conveniently

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Secure Payment Gateways

Mada - Visa - MasterCard
Apple Pay

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Financial Updates

Detailed reports including
remittances and invoices for

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Manage Booking

From start to finish, you can
easily and flexibly manage
your customers' bookings

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App For Service Providers

A specially designed app for
service providers to add all
their services and goods

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Connect With Your Clients

Communication via the app,
notifications control, and
getting clear feedback on the service

Download Wnees Vendor App

Prepare all
your events
in minutes
and with just
a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find Wnees all around Saudi?

It is currently based in Riyadh and will be expanded to all regions of the Kingdom in the future.

How do I book a service from Wnees?
  1. Complete the registration steps and check your data.
  2. In the search box, type the name of the service.
  3. Select the best provider in terms of price and service.
  4. Request the service, wait for the service provider to accept, and pay in the way that suits you.
  5. If the service price is not available, Select the service and wait for the service provider’s price.
  6. If the service price was approved, you will receive an email confirmation
Who guarantees the service provider's presence?

Don’t worry, we carefully select our partners to make sure that you receive the best service possible. If you have any problems, please contact us at care@wnees.sa

What paperwork is required to register as a vendor in Wnees?
  1. Official papers.
  2. Services list offered in your store


How do I register as a vendor?
  1. Download the Wnees Vendor App.
  2. Set up your profile.
  3. Wait for a sales representative from Wnees to contact you.
  4. Sign the contract that was sent to you.
  5. Complete the latest registration steps on the application.
  6. Wait for your account to be activated within 7 working days.
When will I receive the value of orders from the customer?
  1. We will send you the financial dues within 7 days of the order being executed.


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